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away from her, down into the street at the moving mass o

people.  "But not for long," he said.
" I've heard about it," she said, " from my father."
" That's what makes your father want his rights."
" His rights," she said; " but there's more to it.  Something


He made a sweeping gesture toward the street, where the
clamour was unceasing. "There's a lot more folks with your
father/1 he remarked.

She took a step toward the window and looked down at the
mass. Then she shook her head, very slightly, as though
meditating, and said, " No, they're different."

" Maybe," he replied, and shrugged a little. He disengaged
his glance from hers, and gave his attention again to the street.
He did not want to be rude, but he couldn't help it; and
because he was rude he was irritated with himself, and with
her. It was their bringing May into it, he supposed; that, and
the way she had talked to him. My God, just because she
had Ibed in St. Louis, she didn't have to behave like that. He
had been in Philadelphia four years studying law, and he
hadn't forgotten how people acted.

'* Mr. Murm," she said.

" How is it going to come out?"

** I can't say "—and he pointed to the crowd below—" but if
tbej get the Association and they sign up even half the people
for the counties round here, tobacco Jll go up three hundred
per ceat ia two seasons* Right here, in this section of Tennes-
see wd Kentucky, is the centre of the world market. They'll
®w up the market" He noticed the excitement beginning to
appear in her face and how a glitter came into her dark blue,
m fag* eyes. "But"-and he shook his head-" that's the
,OMdk Germany and France and Italy and the big tobacco
«^^aks here aren't going to take it lying down, you can bet."

** ffe, I guess not," she replied. The momentary excite-
md pleasure had left her face. Which was fine, he
kind of woman who was too <*«r fa